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Social Robot

Social Value Creation by NEC Social Robot

NEC promotes the social value of “Quality of Life” as an equal and prosperous society that embraces diversity to support all individuals to play an active role through preventive medicine and by constructing educational environments. NEC also contributes the social value of “Communication” as the construction of a value creation network that supports the distribution of information and knowledge with increasing importance as society becomes more advanced.


In order to improve the “Quality of Life” and “Communication”, our R&D has been focused on linkages between the Social Robot of human-shape that are used in the Care Services, and the “NEC the WISE” that implements NEC’s highly accurate AI technologies. NEC Social Robot supported by AI technologies – Face Recognition Technology, Image Recognition Technology and Speaker Verification Technology that makes it possible to identify individuals with personalized recommendations, and aware of the identification procedure, it allows individuals to receive personalized treatment. NEC Social Robots are expected to achieve smoother communication by lowering the psychological hurdle for people. Precisely because robots are not human, people may feel less insecure. Moreover, the main functions and edge functions provided by the AI technologies are now being utilized with a view to reducing authentication time and helping robots achieve a level of communication equivalent to human communication.

Applications of NEC Social Robot