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Fever Detection Solutions (with Thermal Camera)

NEC Fever Detection Solutions offers a highly efficient with quick alarm function to monitor and detect body surface temperature without contact.
Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera is the ideal method for scanning not just individuals, but also large flows of people at once without making contact, and the body temperature can be measured in real time. Anyone showing an abnormal temperature stands out from the crowd and can be asked to move to a quieter area for a more accurate check.


  • Safe Screening of body surface temperature without making contact
  • Warning by Quick Alarm Function with Sound and Display when abnormal temperature is detected
  • No voltage contact output when alarm is triggered which allows operation with other system equipment
  • Deterrent effect of entrance is expected from people who are aware of fever by body surface temperature screening
  • Temperature can be measured in real time
  • False alarm is prevented by setting rectangle arbitrary area
  • Averaging Improvement function for better image quality
  • Close-up image with high resolutionfor high image quality
  • Movie Recording Function


(A) Simultaneous checking for multiple people

NEC Fever Detection Solutions can be deployed at the entrance of public gathering places for simultaneous checking of body temperature for multiple people as part of countermeasures against new strains of influenza, such as airports, seaports, railway stations, exhibitions, shopping malls, theaters, concerts, hospitals, schools and etc.

(B) Voluntary checking for individuals

NEC Fever Detection Solutions can be used for fever screening for visitor at the Reception area of offices, hotels, airport check-in counters and etc.