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Social Robot for Elderly Care Services

NEC Social Robot - Bringing Innovation in Elderly Care

NEC strives to improve the quality of life for organisations, societies and individuals through socially innovative care systems. Although the service is launched in 2016, the work is outcome of 10 years of research.

NEC Social Robot provides services that create a more sustainable and humane society by assisting individuals experiencing social isolation, dementia amongst other related conditions. Our goal is to stimulate, engage, enable, empower and importantly bringing fun into the lives of elderly and provide support to their carers.



In order to provide personalised services, our expert team will work closely with the client to assess the client’s needs. NEC Social Robot is non-judgemental and cute. Its services are designed to stimulate, engage, enable and empower older people with dementia and/or requiring companionship, as well as support their carers in Aged Care Facilities and home-based care with lifestyle centred services.

Value Proposition

  • Engage, enable and empower residents with lifestyle-centred multilingual services.
  • Improve emotional well-being
  • Support carers in providing diversion therapy programs
  • Enhance variety & novelty of services
  • Reduce social cost of care
  • Facilitate social connectivity
  • Help in capacity building
  • Assist in staying home longer