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Corporate Social Responsibility

NEC's Corporate Social Responsibility

At NEC, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) means raising the quality of how business is conducted and managed. As a leading provider of IT, network and semiconductor solutions, the organization relies on its Corporate Philosophy and its Charter of Corporate Behavior and Code of Conduct policies to fulfill the company's compliance and economic responsibilities. Through the development of innovative technologies, NEC intends to help establish a secure, reliable ubiquitous networking society and help solve various social issues. NEC proactively discloses information on CSR activities and related accomplishments to fulfill the company's accountability to its stakeholders. Through open dialog, NEC is able to form strong customer relationships built on trust as well as increase its corporate value and achieve sustainable growth to the benefit of society.


Developing New Technologies Provide Multifaceted Security
Social Contributions Maintaining Good Relations with the Community "Nature, Education and Community: The Heart of NEC"
Customer Satisfaction Earn Customer Trust and Attaining Customer Satisfaction

Information Security

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