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Airport Security


According to IATA’s Global Passenger Survey 2017, passengers have identified airport security as one of their top two pain points.
As airports become larger, busier and more sophisticated, so also must the security systems which are deployed, as traditional human and CCTV camera monitoring alone are no longer sufficient to ensure  safety and security within an airport.

NEC has a 50-year history of providing next-generation security solutions to airports, and currently offers a variety of solutions which can intelligently secure your facility.  Some of our most recent innovations include behavior detection, crowd behavior analysis and enhanced video analytics.

Behavior Detection


NEC’s behavior detection solution improves security reaction times by unobtrusively monitoring and reporting incidents within an airport. Our solution uses image recognition technology which can immediately identify and alert security personnel of incidents as they happen. Our system can loitering, sudden crowd formation, left objects, fallen people and unauthorized intrusions. Deploying this solution can significantly reduce the need for manual video feed monitoring and minimizes the chance of human error.

Crowd Behavior Analysis


NEC’s crowd behavior analysis solution offers real-time insights around crowd movement and density levels. Unusual crowd movements and a sudden rise in crowd levels, automatically generate alerts to warn security personnel. This empowers security operators to improve staffing efficiency and dynamically allocate resources for high priority tasks, improving checkpoint efficiency and reducing overall waiting times.

NEC Enhanced Video Analytics

NEC’s Enhanced Video Analytics can help airport operators intelligently manage the extremely large amount of video footage which much be constantly monitored.  NEC Enhanced Video Analytics unites many of NEC’s core technologies and services such as NeoFace Face Recognition and Behavior detection and also has added functions such as demographic and people counting and object recognition capabilities. All of these functionalities combined can help airport operators maintain a safe and secure environment.


Behaviour Detection Solution
Congestion Management Solution

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