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Safe Cities Index 2021

Safe Cities Index 2021
The document that examines the safety of 60 cities around the world in the categories of each security, digital/health/infrastructure/personal/environmental. You can benchmark your city as well.


Ushering in a new age of travel with Star Alliance Biometrics

Jeffery Goh, CEO of Star Alliance, speaks about the partnership with NEC and how Star Alliance Biometrics supports a safe, secure and seamless travel experience.

Introducing the Future of Air travel

Find out a whole new way to travel with NEC I:Delight

Taking travel to new heights

Learn more about a fresh experience enabled by technology to meet new expectations

Seamless Travel Experience with Digital ID

The 1st biometrics terminal in Atlanta by Delta Air Lines & NEC

Check-in / Boarding

Learn how Digital ID can make check-in to boarding process simple, seamless and secure.

Duty Free Shops / Lounge

Biometrics technology helps passengers relax and enjoy airport facilities, with smooth purchase processes, access to lounges and delivery of personalized information.

Taking off with Digital Identity

If passengers can identify themselves digitally and physically with a Digital Identity, they can enjoy a frictionless trip. The flow of passengers at the airport would be seamless, efficient and secure.
Learn more how a single ID will transform air travel.

Behavior Detection Solution

NEC's highly efficient Image Analytics can automatically detect abnormal behavior such as intrusion, loitering and object abandonment from camera's live video feeds for a safer environment.

Congestion Management Solution

NEC offers a crowd behavior analysis technology for visualizing crowd density or pedestrian flow under overcrowded situations, which prevents accidents, and makes environments safer and more comfortable.

Passenger Flow Management

NEC offers a comprehensive passenger flow management solution that provides real-time insights throughout the airport journey for efficient movement of passengers.


Online Account Opening

Learn how face recognition technology helps make the account opening process more convenient for the user, by reducing processing time and manual paperwork.

Online Banking

Face recognition provides users with a safe and secure banking experience, by improving usability and security and contributing to the prevention of spoofing.

Retail Payment

Find out how retail payment solutions utilizing face recognition improve user security, accessibility and convenience while also preventing credit fraud.


Smooth & Secure Entrance

See how face recognition technologies help improve the event ticketing purchase process, as well as prevent ticket forgery and scalping for smooth and secure event entrance.