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Customer Experience

Frictionless, personalized, secure

Given the growing size of event crowds, consumers want to be kept safe but often equate going travelling or to theme parks and stadiums with endless queues and expensive frustrations.

NEC's unsurpassed face recognition technology is already helping put the fun back into going out by facilitating a swift, personalized and frictionless customer experience across all industries without compromising security in high-demand, high-traffic areas.

With a simple scan of your face, we can create a single, unified biometric key that unlocks enjoyable personalized customer experiences and nurtures profitable customer loyalty.

Single to facilitate secure access to convenient, personalized services without showing different identification documents. Unified to enable seamless use across multiple touchpoints. Biometric to accurately identify and verify any individual.

NEC's single, unified, biometric key will transform customer experience, everywhere.

Personalized Services for Enjoyable Living

As the world's population continues to grow and mobilize, protecting high-profile venues with large open spaces and sizeable crowds can prove challenging, but ensuring an enjoyable and frictionless experience is paramount to ongoing customer satisfaction and business success.

NEC's advanced suite of face recognition and identification management technologies can be easily incorporated into existing systems to heighten situational awareness and strengthen customer safety, while also improving customer interaction and experience through highly adaptive encounters.

NEC's face recognition biometric technologies have been proven by National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) benchmarks to have the world's most accurate face recognition algorithm several times even on low-angled, low-resolution and poor-quality images.* The technologies provide governments and hospitality companies with fast, accurate identification verification keys that provide secure, frictionless customer experiences at entertainment and sports venues, national borders, airports and transport hubs, and many other public areas.

Secure, Frictionless Experience at...

Stadiums and Sporting Events

The world's fastest and most accurate face recognition technology* can enhance customer experience for sport fans:

  • Reduce queues and at large events.
  • Allow repeat visitors and VIPs to enter quickly and easily.
  • Speed fans through the concessions line with face payments.
  • Provide a personalized stadium experience for fans.
  • Send real-time alerts of face matches to security staff for immediate action.
  • Identify and protect against unauthorized persons trying to enter employee entrances.

NEC biometric key in action: NEC uses face recognition technologies to provide a unique VIP experience for event media and patrons at the Ladies Pro golf Association event in Palm Springs, California

Theme Parks and Museums

NEC’s face recognition can put the amusement back into theme parks and transform traditional museum experiences for fun-seeking customers:

  • Identify season ticket holders for rapid admittance and ride pass.
  • Discourage pass-sharing fraud.
  • Speed up queues for rides and payments at concessions and shops.
  • Create tailored, technology-deep immersive museum experiences.
  • Gain situational awareness to improve future park management and experience.

NEC’s face recognition in action: Creating a frictionless, personalized and highly immersive experience for the new National Soccer Hall of Fame in Dallas, Texas


Balancing convenience and security for a safe, swift end-to-end airport experience:

  • Expedite check-in with rapid, accurate passenger identity verification.
  • Make bag drop more secure by matching baggage tags with a passenger’s face.
  • Facilitate walkthrough passage through ID checkpoints.
  • Automate gate management to eradicate need for paper or electronic boarding passes.
  • Provide fast, accurate passenger identification at customs and immigration checkpoints.
  • Support face payment for safe and smooth airport shopping.
  • Improve situational awareness by monitoring post check-in passenger movements.

NEC biometric key in action: NEC and Star Alliance are developing a biometric identification platform to enhance the travel experience for frequent flyer customers.

Border Control

Facilitating secure but efficient border entry and exit points:

  • Ensure swift, efficient and secure screening of individuals legally entering and exiting borders.
  • Match a traveler’s face and National ID or passport photo.
  • Help security personnel at all checkpoints identify suspicious persons or activity.

NEC’s face recognition in action: Providing entry and exit procedures and technology at airports across America to record when visitors arrive and depart the United States.

  • *
    NEC ranked No.1 several times as the world's most accurate face recognition technology in vendor tests conducted by the US National Institute of Standards and Technology(NIST).
    The evaluation results do not represent recommendations by the US government for specific products.

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