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NEC has continuously developed new technological innovations that would empower retail stores. With a team of talented experts providing all-round support, we fully understand customer needs, and will dedicate customized solutions that demonstrate cost-effective and manpower saving capabilities. NEC holds a wide range of solutions for Retail Industry, globally successful in Japan, China, South-East Asia, India and the United States. They are of the highest quality, adapting to local retail formats with great agility.

In-store Solutions
POS Hardware NEC offers wide-ranging of point-of-sale hardware, including POS terminal & peripherals, delivers high performance, compactness, reliability and energy efficiency to empower the retail operations.
Display Solutions NEC offers a one-stop-shop display solution including well-managed features of scheduling, central control, task assignment and content distribution. The digital signage solution can be incorporate with the professional displays or video wall.
RFID Solutions All merchandise can be tagged with RFID Technology for easy inventory management. Customers can easily place any item near the RFID terminal and the LCD display next to it will show all the relevant data (e.g. availability of sizes, colors, accessories, etc.) The technology works to save manpower while improving response time to customers.
Mobile Terminal - Life Touch
LT-S Single 7” Screen Android™ Tablet Designed for easy to carry and control with intuitive operation touch panel.
LT-W Dual Screen
Android™ Tablet
Experience a new way to handle information with a book style, dual screen LT-W.
Retail Infrastructure
Server Retailer expects to expand business market while satisfying the increasing demand for quality customer services. Take your IT infrastructure to the next level with NEC’s proven server platform. NEC’s Express5800 Server Family delivers the advanced features and functions through NEC innovation to address the advanced needs of today’s IT infrastructure.
Cloud Solution NEC Cloud Solution improves the efficiency and availability of IT resources and applications through virtualization.   It is able to meet your requirements for usability, flexibility, scalability, and security.
Networking Service NEC can simplify the deployment planning and facilitate the implementation of large scale systems, including local and wide networks, communications and administrative networks etc.
Managed Service
NEC offers professional and supporting service. We are experienced in managing IT-related service that becoming a key asset in a company. We could be the project manager to manage the entire scope of service and resources. These services include:
  • Customer relationship management
  • Customer service center
  • New store opening
  • Stock replenishment system
  • Store renovation