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Social Robot for STEM Education

NEC Social Robot – Bringing Creativity in STEM Education

“NEC Social Robot – STEM Education : Sustainable Teaching & Learning Program” aims to enhance students' interest in artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics technology; strengthen their ability to integrate knowledge and skills; nurture their creativity and problem solving skills, so as to meet the challenges for the development of Innovation and Technology in the future.


The Program can teach students to write their own programs to create a dialog box for the robot, and teachers also can pre-set the dialog content for the robot. Through the interactive dialogue between students and robots, it not only can enhance students’ interest in programming and robotics technology, but also can improve their self-learning ability and communication skills, so as to enhance their learning motivation and improve their expression skills.

Designing Technology and Innovative Services

In order to provide personalised services, our expert team will work closely with the client to assess the client’s needs. NEC Social Robot is non-judgemental and cute. Its services are designed to stimulate, engage, enable and empower people and requiring companionship, as well as provide a comfortable and interactive learning environment for children.

Value Proposition

  • Improve communication and social skills.
  • Enhance students’ interest in programming and robotics technology.
  • Learn a variety of programming skills.
  • Develop creative thinking and innovative ideas.
  • Interactive communication engage children with role-play activities.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of learning.
  • Enhance learning motivation.

Programming Tools

  • Create your own Chatbot
  • Create your own Learning Program
  • Create your own Program by Block Programming 
  • Create your own Program by Workflow Programming

Block Programming

Workflow Programming