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Mobile Facial Recognition Appliance

NEC’s Mobile Facial Recognition Appliance is a comprehensive solution which utilizes NeoFace – NEC ‘s world No.1 facial recognition algorithm to deliver a powerful video surveillance platform as a new approach to physical security and traditional CCTV systems.  With seamless integration to IP cameras and networks, this appliance instantly transforms passive/ reactive CCTV surveillance systems into a smart pro-active surveillance solution capable of recognizing unwanted visitors and generate intrusion alerts even before security breaches can occur.

Housed in a compact unit with integrated WiFi/ 3G, an appliance offers an unprecedented level of flexiblity in deployment without costly cabling work. The result is comprehensive security coverage with no compromises.

How It Works

A CCTV camera is connected to the NEC Mobile Facial Recognition Appliance module, thus enabling its onboard face recognition engine to transmit face images captured from the CCTV camera to the NEC face matching server through 3G wireless connectivity.


The module  is a built-in international Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) telecommunication device with an embedded face recognition engine. It is a highly secured device protected by a weatherproof case. In addition, it is not affected by surrounding environment and is capable of processing high- quality images anytime and anywhere.


●  Fully automated facial detection and intrusion alert
●  Stand-alone operation or integrated into large scale systems
●  Compact in size with integrated WiFi/ 3G
●  Easy  installation and  flexible deployment
●  Low heat dispersion and power consumption (10W)
●  Robust and easy to maintain
●  Black list or white list alert selection
●  Web interface for easy access and control
●  Reduced network bandwidth compared to traditional IP cameras

Applicable Areas

●  National ID documents
●  Electronic passports
●  Border control management
●  Access to sensitive zones
●  Airport security management
●  Criminological work and prison management
●  Shopping arcade security
●  VIP detection for customer
●  Relationship Management (CRM)

Hardware Certification

Hardware Specification

 Conditions  -20℃ to 50 ℃
 Sea level
 Under 2,000 m
 Input  100 - 240 V
 Weight  500 g
 3G, WiFi
 Support (USB module)
 Special interface
 PoE, GPIO (Door control)

Software Specification

 Facial Recognition
 6 faces/second

 (3 fps, 2-3 face/s)

 Distance between Eyes
 Over 60 pixel
 Distance between
 Camera & Face
 1-7 m
 Max eye rolls angle
 15 degrees
 Facial DB volume  3,000 faces
 Language  English, Chinese (Simplify),
 Chinese (Traditional),
 Japanese, Spanish

Enrollment UI

Alert Viewer

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