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Mobile Charging Cabinet for E-learning

NEC Mobile Charging Cabinet is an effective and efficient charging device for E-learning with timer to avoid over charged and it can charge up to 46 devices simultaneously.

Power Supply Simulation Management

Charging power supply is distributed by a digital simulation system to ensure independent operation for each charging slot. And there is enough spacing between charging slots to ensure easy move-in/ out for tablets.

Inside Deck of cabinet

Time Management

There is a built-in timer system for time management. You can set the charging time and duration for preference. For example, if you set the starting time as 01:00 for duration 2 hours, the charging process will stop automatically at 03:00.

Timer System

Hardware Management

Door Lock - to prevent tablets from falling out or mis-operation from non-technicians.

External Wire Box - external wire can be hide after charging process.

Charger Box - straight ordered slots for easy recognition.

External Wire Box

Safety Management

Smart Ventilation System - 4 fans are located at side panels for cooling down the machine during charging process. There are small holes at front and back panels for ventilation.

Short Circuit - the charging cabinet will automatically cut the power in case there is any electric leakage accidents.

Fans for ventilation


Cabinet material Aluminium
Capacity (tablet) 30-46
Dimension 2-row 78(L) x 45(W) x 85(H)cm
3-row 55(L) x 45(W) x 100(H)cm
Weight 85kg