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Knowledge Management

Business Environment

In most organizations, the storing of information is done haphazardly.  With each employee having their own logic in filing documents, grouping emails and writing down notes, it is nearly impossible to aggregate these pieces of information in order to maximize their value.  Siloed data and information repositories mean that there are multiple versions of the truth.  This inconsistency leads to friction and slows down business process.  The major question is how can your staff mine the information siloes in your organization to retrieve the right information?  

At NEC, we understand how to help our customers increase value from their information. We have predefined solutions from a business and technical perspectives to provide holistic solutions in Knowledge Management. Our experience Solution Development & Delivery team is ready to take you to the next level of managing your customers and helping you win in your markets. Contact our Knowledge Management specialist if you would like to know more.


Knowledge Management provides you with two key features. First, the storage of information would be done in a logical way and managed by the application. Versioning issues would be a thing of the past. Fragmented data of the same content can be linked. All your information would be neatly grouped to support the second feature.  

Information is useless if nobody can access it. The second feature of Knowledge Management is the smart retrieval of information. Using a query box or a decision tree or another means of accessing the storage, a Knowledge Management application can quickly bring up only the information that you need.  

Key Benefits

Knowledge is power. Improving the knowledge of your organization will empower your staff to make the right decisions at the right time to take advantage of the current opportunities faster than your competitors. In a world where the competitive landscape has greatly intensified, Knowledge Management will give you the edge to constantly stay ahead of the curve by improving business performance through a continuous improvement process. With Knowledge Management you can:

● Logically store information for intuitive retrieval
● Turn data to information and information to knowledge
● Increase the value of each piece of document created
● Collaborate around information to increase business intelligence
● Increase business agility by knowing how to react to changing business climate quickly