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VMware vSphere

In the world of virtualization software, VMware vSphere is a proven de facto standard. It offers high scalability and performance, along with superior overall management capabilities. VMware vSphere also supports more operating systems than its competitors which means that it is the most flexible virtualization solution. NEC, with a long-standing partnership with VMware and extensive experience with its software, offers the latest VMware vSphere solutions. VMware vSphere provides a leading edge virtualization environment with higher reliability and more features than its predecessors.

Partnership between NEC and VMware

With rich experience in supporting VMware products, NEC offers comprehensive support for your virtualization architecture.

Tech Alliance Partner

  • NEC understood the importance of virtualization technology early on and started working with its products as a VMware partner in 2002.
  • As a certified agency, NEC sells products supplied directly from VMware, Inc. (United States).
  • NEC formed VMware's first hardware alliance in Japan and obtained hardware certification for the Express5800 series.

Improving product quality

  • NEC is qualified to evaluate VM products in advance of other manufacturers.
  • NEC adopted VMware for internal use to build know-how and product knowledge.
  • NEC and VMware conduct joint verification of NEC's servers and storage.
  • NEC and VMware cooperate in marketing

Providing user-focused products

  • NEC provides integrated hardware and software support.
  • NEC is continuously improving the availability and usability of its management tools by enhancing support for VMware products.
  • NEC offers consulting services based on its know-how related to areas such as server consolidation for which VMware products are most effective.

Important notes on deploying VMware vSphere

TIPS― Find your best virtualization solution using VMware vSphere

NEC offers recommended configurations that are set up in advance.
These configurations enable smooth deployment of VMware vSphere, even if you have never virtualized servers before.

Hardware products to use with VMware vSphere must be certified

NEC Express5800 and NEC Storage product lines offer many VMware-certified products.

Does VMware HA offer enough availability for your system?

VMware HA is a high-availability function that automatically reboots resources. For mission-critical tasks such as databases, NEC recommends higher availability solutions using clustering software such as ExpressCluster.

VMotion alone is not enough for failure recovery

VMotion is used for continuous operations during planned maintenance but cannot recover the system from failures by itself. To use VMotion for failure recovery, it must be used in combination with management tools as NEC SigmaSystemCenter which detects signs of failures.

Virtualization can easily lead to Windows license violation

Because virtualization makes it easy to add servers, the number of guest operating systems can increase rapidly. Therefore, there are cases where users find themselves using more instances of Windows than they are licensed to deploy. By using an unlimited Windows license for virtual servers, you no longer have to worry about license violations or additional costs.

Are you sizing resources appropriately?

It is wise to size systems appropriately for cost effective virtualization solutions. When sizing, take into account the capacity required for operations such as migration among servers in case of hardware failure, overlapping peak loads on consolidated servers, as well as future expansion plans.

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