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Virtualization with NEC

Feature 1: Overall capability covering heterogeneous virtual environments

In order to resolve issues of increasing numbers of servers and inefficient use of resources, it is expected that virtualization will increasingly be used to consolidate servers. Due to the difference in infrastructure requirements and usability preferences, NEC predicts that virtualization software deployed by business divisions and IT administrators will naturally vary. Eventually, the virtual environments for companies will become mixed.
One of NEC's strengths is that it can provide solutions appropriate for handling such mixed virtual environments. From the deployment of servers and virtualization software to centralized management, NEC provides comprehensive solutions tailored to customer requirements.

Image: Overall capability covering heterogeneous virtual environments

  • ** In addition to server virtualization solutions, NEC provides virtual desktop solutions.

VMware vSphere support

With rich experience in supporting VMware products, NEC offers comprehensive support for VMware’s virtualization architecture.

Hyper-V support

In cooperation with Microsoft, NEC supports Windows Server Hyper-V with a large number of certified service professionals.

Feature 2: Server and storage products ideal for virtualization

NEC's product lineup is based on understanding office environments as well as IT requirements ranging up to large-scale data centers. NEC provides robust hardware designed for virtualization.

Feature 3: Integrated platform management software provides simplicity

NEC provides environments in which you can centrally manage mixed virtualization software and hardware operations.

Feature 4: Versatile solutions and services tailored to your needs

NEC understands that there are various needs related to determining the scale of the required system and how to determine requirements. Perhaps you want to start with a small system and expand it as necessary, or you want to carefully review your situation to make sure you deploy the system that is matched to current requirements. NEC can respond to each of these needs.

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