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Integrated Platform Management Software | NEC SigmaSystemCenter

Integrated management of mixed virtual environments

For objectives such as reducing costs and saving space, it is expected that virtualization will spread rapidly and companies will be managing various mixed virtualization environments. This raises the issue of how to consolidate management of different virtual environments.

NEC's integrated virtualization management software, NEC SigmaSystemCenter, enables centralized control of multiple virtualized environments, including VMware Sphere and Hyper-V, from an integrated view. Because this software also consolidates management of hardware such as physical servers, networks, and storage, it therefore provides the whole picture of your IT system to increase operating efficiency.

Image: Integrated management of mixed virtual environments

Reallocation of workloads to eliminate inefficient operation and shut down unnecessary servers

NEC SigmaSystemCenter adopts an effective energy-saving policy. The software autonomously detects server operating status and consolidates loads to run on as few physical servers as possible. Physical servers that are no longer being used will then be shut down. When the load increases, physical servers that are not running will be restarted. NEC SigmaSystemCenter can constantly optimize operations and reduce power consumption.

Image: Reallocation of workloads to eliminate inefficient operation and shut down unnecessary servers

Consolidated management of patch application and application updating

Operating system patches and application updates can be distributed in batches by job group or for the system as a whole. It is also possible to deploy software on multiple servers at one time when setting up a system.

Image: Software update distribution

Scheduled resource allocation

It is possible, for example, to change a system configuration as previously defined to optimize resource allocation to meet changes in server load during the day and at night. Schedules and specific configurations can be easily changed via integrated view.

Image: Scheduled resource allocation

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