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TCO Reductions

Last updated: April 21, 2014

Server virtualization can result in a mixed environment consisting of virtual and physical servers, which may increase the workload and costs for system management.

NEC enables efficient system operations and management cost reductions by providing operations management software that performs integrated management of mixed virtual and physical environments.

Unified management of virtual and physical environments

As virtualization progresses, the environment becomes a mix of both virtual and physical elements.

NEC's operations management software reduces TCO through efficient execution and monitoring.
Specifically, it integrates management of the virtual and physical environments, levels virtual server loads, and automatically analyses and responds to failures.

Integrated management console

Managing multiple environments on a single console

VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V 2012, Citrix XenServer and other virtualization servers can be managed on a single console.
The use of a common user interface reduces the time and costs usually required to learn about different virtual environments.

Multiple virtualization environments are managed easily on an identical management screen and by using identical operations

A wide range of management screens

  • Task management screen
    Shows server grouping by division or task without regard to whether the servers are physical or virtual.
  • Virtual server management screen
    Displays which virtual servers are operating on which physical servers.

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