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Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions

Bringing simplicity to complex virtualized server environments

Last updated: April 21, 2014

NEC's Server Virtualization Solutions

NEC was a pioneer in focusing on server virtualization. We have implemented virtualized solutions for customers across all industries and sectors, from corporations to public agencies and educational institutions.
NEC provides server virtualization solutions based on the expertise gained from our proven record in system integration, allowing us to resolve issues and successfully implement server virtualization.

3 keys to successful server virtualization

Customers looking to implement server virtualization have a variety of concerns and requirements, such as avoiding ballooning operations management workloads and costs associated with implementing a virtual environment, promoting further energy and space savings by consolidating the number of servers used, and ensuring that the virtualized environment is stable and secure in the face of ever-evolving technologies. NEC's server virtualization solutions resolve these issues and provide optimum server virtualization for our customers that meets their requirements.

Three Aspects of Our Server Virtualization Solutions Guiding Success

TCO reductions

Implementing a virtual environment can lead to an increase in the workload and costs associated with operations management when multiple virtualized and physical environments are mixed together. Sustainable TCO reductions are achieved through comprehensive management of both environments on a single management console, and cutting-edge operations management that includes automated failure response.

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Environmental initiatives

NEC provides servers that excel in energy savings, space saving and silent operation and operations management software that can control physical and virtual servers efficiently in a virtual environment, achieving a greener solution.

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Excellent track record

NEC's server virtualization solutions have achieved success through our proven track record in implementation based on many years of endeavor.

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Virtualization with NEC

NEC focuses on comprehensive solutions that can deliver the benefits of virtualization to your entire IT infrastructure. From detailed consultation and planning services to reliable hardware, virtualization software, and an integrated management tool, NEC provides proven solutions that bring simplicity to the complexity of virtualization.

Core Technologies

VMware vSphere

VMware vSphere virtualization software offers high scalability and performance, as well as superior overall management capabilities. Based on rich and long-term relationship with VMware, NEC offers various VMware vSphere solutions.

Microsoft Hyper-V 2012

Microsoft Hyper-V 2012 is easy to deploy and can be used with a wide range of Windows-supported hardware.

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