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Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track

MICROSOFT® HYPER-V™ CLOUD FAST TRACK is a reference architecture for building private clouds that combines Microsoft software, consolidated guidance, and validated configurations with NEC technology, including compute, network, and storage, as well as value-added software components.

Hyper-V Cloud Fast Track solutions provide a turnkey approach to delivering scalable, preconfigured, and validated infrastructure platforms for on-premises private cloud implementations. With local control over data and operations, IT can dynamically pool, allocate, secure, and manage resources for agile Infrastructure as a Service. Likewise, business units can deploy line-of-business applications with speed and consistency using self-provisioning (and decommissioning) and automated datacenter services in a virtualized environment.

NEC Offer

THE NEC PRIVATE CLOUD SOLUTION built on Hyper-V can be configured based on purpose, size, and environment. These configurations adopt power-saving blade servers with local cooling systems. They are optimized not only for racks but also for entire datacenters. They are suitable for the needs of private enterprises as well as large-scale cloud environments.


The NEC blade server architecture provides a high-efficiency infrastructure that includes virtualized servers, data storage, and network equipment optimized for Windows Server 2008 R2, Hyper-V, and System Center.

  • NEC Express5800 blade servers, combined with Hyper-V, achieve near-zero downtime with exceptional fault tolerance and high availability.
  • Reliability and availability are emphasized through a safer, microkernel-type hypervisor.
  • Maintenance is improved due to a modular structure with cables included for the L2 and FC switches.
  • Flexible power management and control features reduce power usage.
  • Space saving technologies offer up to a 50-percent reduction in space requirements.
  • Advanced operations management enables hardware monitoring, failure notifications, information analysis, and an improved control and recovery process.


NEC offers a wide range of storage solutions—from the SAN D Series and datacenter-class systems to next-generation grid storage systems—all designed to respond to the storage challenges of today's enterprises.

  • NEC's advanced design reduces the need for RAID rebuilds and allows applications to run safely during a rebuild.
  • NEC solutions automatically detect and fix storage errors, helping to ensure data availability after hardware or power failure.


NEC networking switch modules can improve performance and simplify management.

  • The NEC 10 GB Intelligent Layer 3 Switch can increase the performance of virtualization applications by consolidating network intelligence within the blade server enclosure. This can help to enable network virtualization and reduce datacenter complexity.
  • NEC IP switches allow you to centrally manage network infrastructure, reducing the overall burden of network administration.

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