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Microsoft Hyper-V

Hyper-V is the virtualization software which is provided with Microsoft Windows Server . Deploying Hyper-V is easy because it comes with the operating system. Another advantage of Hyper-V is that it can be used with the wide range of hardware which supports Windows Server.

Partnership between NEC and Microsoft

Product knowledge and technical expertise

  • Based on the experience it has acquired while developing and deploying virtualization products, NEC provides feedback to Microsoft on specifications and the development roadmap of Hyper-V.
  • NEC cooperates in reviewing product specifications beginning with the earliest development planning stage and validates products throughout the development cycle. Thus NEC acquires the necessary technical skills and knowledge of Hyper-V.

Evaluation and validation system

  • NEC Redmond Technology Center, located near Microsoft's headquarters, cooperates with Microsoft to evaluate and validate Hyper-V.
  • NEC communicates with the Microsoft development team on a daily basis.
  • NEC server products are set up in Microsoft development laboratories in the United States and are regularly used to evaluate Hyper-V and improve product quality.

Important notes on deploying Hyper-V

TIPS― Find your best virtualization solution using Hyper-V

NEC offers recommended systems that are pre-configured. You can get a quick start of using Hyper-V, even if you have never virtualized servers before.

Note which guest operating systems are supported.

For Hyper-V, support for operating systems other than Windows is limited, so check whether operating systems you plan to consolidate are supported before making any major decisions.

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