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Environmental Initiatives

Last updated: April 21, 2014

NEC's wide range of servers incorporate low-power CPUs and memory in addition to highly efficient power supplies and the latest energy savings technologies. The operations management software saves energy by relocating virtual servers to minimize the number of physical servers within an optimized load range and turning off unused physical servers. This makes your system even greener.

Express5800 modular servers, achieving top-class energy and space savings

Comprehensive energy savings

80 PLUS(R) Platinum/Gold

  • Highly efficient power supply (AC power)
    An 80 PLUS® Platinum/Gold-certified power supply with an energy efficiency of more than 92%
  • Energy saving components
    The latest energy saving components are used for the CPU and memory.
    An optional energy-saving SSD is also available.
  • Optimized cooling efficiency
    Reduces cooling power (fan power consumption) by improving the cooling efficiency (airflow)

Space saving & lightweight

A 2U enclosure holds 4 server modules. This reduces installation space by 50% and weight by 60%, compared to an equivalent 1U rack server.

Click here for more on Express5800 Modular servers.

Silent water-cooled slim server for a quiet workplace

This water-cooled server, which features NEC's unique modularized water cooling system with a low speed fan, creates a quiet workplace and is ideal for a virtualized environment.

Sound level

NEC SigmaSystemCenter for energy savings in a virtualized server environment

NEC SigmaSystemCenter effectively utilizes physical server resources by relocating the servers optimally so that they always operate within an appropriate load range. NEC SigmaSystemCenter detects the load conditions of the running virtual servers and relocates them to the minimum number of physical servers. It then turns off unused physical servers, contributing to energy savings.

Click here for more on NEC SigmaSystemCenter .

MasterScope for energy savings in a virtualized server environmentTurns off unused physical servers for better energy efficiency

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