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Virtualization and Consolidation Solutions - Case Studies

Last updated: April 17, 2014

Kazuno City - Server and desktop virtualization

Virtualizing system groups, including the core Resident Information System using VMware vSphere. Simultaneously creating a BCP platform including remote backup.

Nagasaki City - Open shared platform

NEC builds an open shared platform to help Nagasaki City in optimizing and improving operational efficiency, reducing costs, and developing better citizen services.

Intersnack France - Virtualization on Fault Tolerant Servers

Ensuring availability and continuity of service by deploying VMware on NEC's FaultTolerant servers for the leading manufacturers of savoury snacks.

Miyakonojo City Council - Virtualization solutions

NEC's virtualization solution created a more flexible and efficient IT infrastructure for better government services by consolidating fifteen servers into two.

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