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NEC Storage

NEC Storage for SAN

NEC Storage M Series & WB SeriesNEC Storage M Series & WB Series

SAN Series

NEC Storage M series, storage devices for SAN, now expands the lineup to "All Flash Storage" optimized for SSD to make its performance and reliability higher than ever. NEC Storage M Series and WB Series, proven and trusted fibre channel switches, are the best of breed solution for SAN environments.


NEC Storage for Backup & Archive

NEC Storage HS SeriesNEC Storage HS Series

HS Series

A unique product for secondary storage, which leverages grid storage technology. NEC Storage HS Series is the advanced backup/archival storage that is able to compete with traditional tape backups when it comes to cost and disk based backups when it comes to speed by utilizing grid storage technology. NEC Storage HS Series provides capacity optimization, advanced data protection and high availability for long-term data.

* NEC Storage HS series is sold as HYDRASTOR® in the United States of America.



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