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Server Management

NEC Express5800 series servers come standard with a complete remote management suite ― EXPRESSSCOPE Engine baseboard management controller and ESMPRO server management software. The suite enables administrators to monitor, control, and troubleshoot from graphical remote console without the need to be onsite. The remote functionalities significantly simplify server management and help proactively maintain server health to maximize availability and operational efficiency for better TCO.


EXPRESSSCOPE Engine, the baseboard management controller (BMC) chipset embedded in NEC severs, provides extensive remote management capabilities regardless of the status of the server's power or operating system.


Server management software NEC ESMPRO Manager and NEC ESMPRO Agent enable centralized management of multiple servers. Server information collected by NEC ESMPRO Agent is offered to administrators by NEC ESMPRO Manager through an single intuitive graphical interface.

ESMPRO Version 5 management software